API Settings

Access your credentials required to interact with Relevance AI's platform

At API settings you have access to your main credentials needed for interactions with Relevance AI's platform. This page includes two main sections:

  • Core API details
  • Custom settings

Core API details

The core API details is composed of

  • API region: the cloud region your data is saved on (e.g. Australia or US). It is decided when you open up an account with Relevance AI. You might have access to multiple regions that can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • Authorization Token: this token is needed within all the interactions you make with the platform. If you use the dashboard, it is automatically fetched. If you are using the Python SDK, you will need to copy and use this token as instructed in the guides.
  • UserID: A unique id that is dedicated to each individual account at Relevance AI and within the selected region. One of the main use cases of this id is when a person is granted access to someone else's dataset(s).

Relevance AI - Core API setting page

Custom settings

The second section provides you with a customisable project ID and API key. They are assigned automatically and the values are used to form your authentication token.

Note: changes take effect only after the "Save Changes" button is clicked.


Relevance AI - Custom setting

Generate a new API key

This option is available if your profile has been granted permission. To generate a read-only key, you will need to click on the button shown in the image below:


Relevance AI - Generate a new API key

After clicking on the button, a new generated key will appear that will be used as a read-only API-key:


Relevance AI - New read-only API key

Using a custom endpoint

In case you already own a custom endpoint that you would like to use, you can check the click-box located at the end of the section. A new text box will open where you can insert your URL.


Relevance AI - Using a custom endpoint