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Auto-generated summary for categories or Dataset

When dealing with a big amount of data, clustering helps to break the data into meaningful categories. Your dataset might also include non-AI category fields such as age category, NPS category, state, university names and so on. A useful next step is to get a summary of each category.

Relevance AI provides you with the ability to automatically generate a summary of each category on the Explorer dashboard and under both document and category/cluster views.

Relevance AI - Explorer - AI summary for a cluster

Relevance AI - Explorer - Access Ask relevance on a category view

  • Category view: You can select an AI clustering field or a non-AI
  • Document view: No need to select a specific category and responses with be based on the whole dataset. Note that

Note: In either approach you can use filtering

Relevance AI - Explorer - Ask Relevance sample output

Relevance AI - Explorer - Ask Relevance sample output

A detailed explanation of this feature is included at Explorer: Ask-AI.