Guide: Building ChatGPT for your knowledge base

with Relevance AI, Redis, OpenAI and Nuxt

We have all been blown away by ChatGPT. In fact, you’re probably wondering if I wrote this guide or if GPT wrote it for me.

Unfortunately, GPT has yet to distill my winning personality, so I've had to do this the old-school way.

Below, I’ll take you through how you can build your own conversational Q&A widget that is trained on your knowledge base.

By the end, you’ll get all of this for free:

  • the frontend code for a ChatGPT style interface
  • a notebook that ingests PDFs into a Redis database, with vector embeddings from OpenAI
  • a Relevance AI chain template that powers the conversational Q&A

The beauty of it all is that these pieces can be easily tweaked to fit your specific needs.

Here's a sneak preview of the final product: