Editor QA

Does Editor only work for AI-Tagging and AI-Clustering results?

No! Even though Editor is mostly used to review and modify AI analysis results, all fields in your dataset can be modified under Editor.

Does my edit take place immediately?

Yes! The applied changes immediately are reflected in the dashboard and dataset.

Do I have to manually modify my data or Editor provides me with suggestions?

There are AI recommendations for changing a category, as well as merging categories under Refine category responses and Merge and rename categories.

What is [No Tags]?

When AI cannot find a good matching label for an entry, it will remain untagged/unlabelled.

Can I delete [No Tags]?

No! It is required to specify if an entry is not labelled. But it is possible to hide categories (e.g. [No Tags] category under AI-tagging view) on the Explorer dashboard.

Does manually updating sentiment impact the overall sentiment score?

Yes! Sentiment scores are in [-1, 1] range (i.e. very negative to very positive). When you manually modify a sentiment label, the corresponding score is set to -1 for negative, 0 for neutral and 1 for positive.