Explorer Dashboard

Explorer is the best tool to extract insights from unstructured data. It is an advance tool, fully configurable for different personas in a company.

The Explorer dashboard is easy to set up with a variety of functionalities from the way the data is presented, to how you can search, filter and analyse the whole data or your desired subset.

Some of the main functionalities of Explorer are

  • Identify key themes
  • Understand what's driving similarity
  • Compare clusters
  • Label clusters
  • Merge clusters
  • Move documents/responses to different clusters
  • Search within the data (semantic and word matching)
  • Apply different filters
  • Add visualisations
  • Introduce metrics on the whole data or within clusters
  • Aggregate data by existing categories within the whole dataset or within single clusters
  • Export clusters

Please read our guides on Create an Explorer Dashboard, especially category/cluster view for more details.