Explorer: How To Search

Fast word matching and/or semantic search in the dataset

Relevance AI provides you with the option to perform word-matching search as well as semantic search (i.e. conceptual search relying on vectors). On the Explorer dashboard, you can search within your data through all the design pages (global search) or selectively on one page (local search).

Access search and filters

Either click on the filter icon on the top left to open up the filter and search side menu. Or directly set up search from the available search bar on the top.

Relevance AI - Explorer - Access search and filters

Relevance AI - Explorer - Access search and filters

Note1: Keep in mind that not only the setup but also the search phrase, and selected values for filters are saved when you save a dashboard (i.e. when "Save changes" is clicked).

Note2: Use "Reset all" to remove all the search configuration

Note3: You can toggle both global and page-specific search and filter on and off

Set up search

Setting up search is the same under global search or page specific search; the only difference is their positioning on the sidebar where page specific is on top and global is right after it. Follow the below instruction on your desired mode (global or local) to configure the search functionality.

Click on "Configure search":

  • Select the text field(s) you wish to be used when searching the data
  • Select the vector field(s) you wish to be included in the search - this item provides semantic search
  • Set a minimum similarity score. This option is only required for semantic search. Maximum similarity score is 1 and applies to exact word matching. The similarity score is very high for synonyms (e.g. buy and purchase) and drops to nearly 0 for texts that are completely different in meaning.

Note: We recommend, trying different values for the "minimum similarity score" to find the value that works best on your data.

  • Set the highlighting or the wide view format if preferred
Relevance AI - Explorer - Configure search

Relevance AI - Explorer - Configure search

Run search

Type your desired search word/phrase in the specified space, hit enter and what is shown on the page is the search results.

Relevance AI - Explorer - Search bar

Relevance AI - Explorer - Search bar

Note: Use "" for exact word matching applied to multi word phrases. For instance "operating system" vs operating system.