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Does my team need specific skills to upload data into Relevance AI?

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How to vectorize data in Relevance AI?

How to cluster data in Relevance AI?

How to tag data in Relevance AI?

How does Relevance AI spot and track emerging trends?

Does Relevance AI use ML or an engineered approach to produce analyses?

Is the text analysis done at document, paragraph, sentence, phrase, or keyword- mention level?

How is accuracy measured in Relevance AI?

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Data Requirements

Can datasets be merged in Relevance AI?

What size data can Relevance AI handle?

What is the minimum number of records to get meaningful results?

What are my options to connect or upload data to Relevance AI?

What are my options to export or share results back into my existing data tools (e.g. Snowflake, Tableau)?

What types of data can Relevance AI process?

What are Relevance AI's data warehouse and data cleansing capabilities?

Does Relevance AI provide a solution to scrape data?

How long does it take to ingest data into Relevance AI and how does it work?

How do I manage data quality? Which pre-processing techniques are recommended when working with text?

Do I need to rerun the analysis every time I add a new data source?

Where does Relevance AI source training datasets? How does it work?

How often are algorithms updated? How are they maintained? How does this work?

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Where is Relevance AI and my data hosted?

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How does Relevance AI fit alongside my data storage (e.g. Snowflake) and other vizualisation tools (e.g. Power BI)?