An example showing filtered results:

Filtering documents with "LG" or "Samsung" as the brand.


Filtering documents with "LG" or "Samsung" as the brand.

Categories (case-sensitive)

This filter checks the entries in a database and returns ones in which a field value exists in a given filter list. For instance, if the product name is any of Sony, Samsung, or LG.

The filter setup window provides you with all the necessary information that has to be set. Follow the instruction as shown in the image below.

  1. Select the field on which you are running the filtering from the drop-down menu
  2. Select "Categories" as the filter type
  3. "Equals" as the condition
  4. Type in the text value(s) that you expect to see in the results
  5. Click on "Add filters"

The filter is activated the moment the data is loaded


Relevance AI - Set up advanced filters

On the next page, we will explain the Field exists advanced filter.