How to export tags

Export tags

Often when a dataset is tagged with a selected code-frame, the goal is to export the results and include it in the original dataset or upload it to another platform.

Export Responses With Tags

If you wish to download your tags in a flat list CSV (i.e. one column per tag with True/False values if the entry is labelled with a tag), use the wide export format on Explorer, or the Export tags workflow. Do not forget to add the tagging result field to the list. Click on the list after the last selected field, and scroll down to find a field whose name ends in tags-label.

Relevance AI - Export tags in flat/wide format

Relevance AI - Export tags in flat/wide format


Finding the Tagging results

When selecting the fields to download, you need to include the tagging result field in the form shown in the image above.

If your original free text (i.e. open end) is called XYZ, tagging results are stored under a new field called XYZ tags - label

If you wish to see the results first and explore for insights Explorer is the best tool. It is designed to extract insights from unstructured data, an advanced tool, fully configurable for different personas in a company.

The Explorer dashboard is easy to setup with variety of functionalities from the way the data is presented, to how you can search, filter and analyse the whole data or your desired subset.

Explorer allows you to present your data under categories based in the tagging results. Read more about the Explorer and specifically how to set up a category view.