How to prepare Audio, image, PDF data for Relevance AI

Before uploading a dataset, run through the checklist to make sure your data meets our recommendations and requirements.

File formats for media data (images, audio, pdf)

Media data such as images or audio files also PDFs must be accessible via a URL in order to work with them on Relevance AI's platform. If your media files are available online, simply include their corresponding URLs in your CSV data.

Note 1: you can include other fields in your CSV file as shown in the second example below.

Note 2: try opening your URLs in an incognito browser mode to make sure they are available to our platform.

Get Started

  • Save your file(s) in one of the common formats - For instance mp4 is recommended for audio
  • Your file must be accessible via an http... link. Use your preferred hosting method, include the URL(s) in your CSV and upload your csv file to Relevance AI. Or follow the guide onUpload Media files to host your files on Relevance AI.
 _id              Audio-URL
  1  |  https://my-repo/my-audio-file1.mp3
  2  |  https://my-repo/my-audio-file2.mp3
  3  |  https://my-repo/my-audio-file3.mp3
 _id                 URL               project
  1  |  https://my-repo/my-file1.mp3 |   X1
  2  |  https://my-repo/my-file2.mpe |   X2
  3  |  https://my-repo/my-file3.mp3 |   X1
  4  |  https://my-repo/my-file4.mp3 |   X3
  5  |  https://my-repo/my-file5.mp3 |   X2


Audio files

  • Save your audio file under common formats such as mp4
  • Recommended: if the moderator/interviewew is the first person heard in the audio, speaker A is always the moderator/interviewer. This helps filtering data better
  • For improving transcription quality, make sure people do not speak over each other when recording the audio

Image files

  • Save your image file under common formats such as jpg
  • Avoid using low quality or very blurry images
  • There is no need to use super high quality images either

What is next?

You are ready to move on to analysing the data under the many available workflows. Two of the most frequently used workflows are Interview AI and Enable Ask Relevance on Text or PDF.