How To Subcluster Data In Relevance AI

Subclustering is the process of breaking existing groups/clusters of data into smaller ones based on their similarities, trends and existing patterns.


Why subclustering can be beneficial?

Subclustering helps analyse data in a deeper and more fine-grained way. An example would be having a main cluster on water leakage. This can be broken down into sub-clusters such as leakage in balcony, leakage in bathroom, leakage in the kitchen, etc. Such a break-down can make data analysis much easier and more insightful..

Relevance AI's platform provides you with a no-code workflow to subcluster your clustered data with a few clicks. You can access the workflow directly from an Explorer Category view set on your clustering results as well.

Relevance AI - Access to subclustering on Explorer

Relevance AI - Access to subclustering on Explorer

For a delated explanation of the steps, please visit How to subcluster on Explorer.