Monitor Data

To monitor fields and their statistics

After uploading your dataset to the Relevance AI's platform, you can check your data, data statistics and configure some settings.
In this page, we will explain the Monitor dataset feature. To start click on your desired dataset under your account.


Select an existing dataset under your account.

and you will be directed to a page similar to what is shown in the image below:


Relevance AI's monitor a dataset page.

There are three sections on this page that are marked with A, B and C.

Section A - Data brief statistics

Provides you with statistics of your dataset.
When you update your dataset, these numbers are automatically updated as well.

Section B - Data detailed

There are 4 tabs in this section:

  1. Usage provides you with a chart on the insertion and updates to the dataset.
  2. Vectors provides you with a summary over the existing vector fields and the coverage percentage.

Relevance AI's monitor a dataset page - Vectors subsection.

  1. Clusters provides you with a summary over the existing cluster fields and the coverage percentage on the top. As well as cluster metadata (e.g. if there have been any labels for clusters) on the bottom.

Relevance AI's monitor a dataset page - Clusters subsection.

  1. Schema provides you with a summary over the existing fields, their data types on the top. And the coverage percentage for each field on the bottom.

Section C - Aggregations

In this section, you can group your dataset by certain fields. This is in fact a super-quick aggregation tool which provides you with a better understanding of your data.

Simply select your desired field, change to table view or to more/fewer results if preferred via settings marked in red in the image above.

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