Move Items To Different Clusters

Why moving documents

Apart from the subjective nature of categorizing text into different groups, we must note that no matter how advanced the clustering models are there are always samples (i.e. responses, feedback texts, documents, etc.) that better belong to another category. AI takes care of 80% of the task and a post-processing step done by humans is recommended which improves the results.

At Relevance AI, we provide you with a user-friendly GUI to move documents between categories/AI clusters one-by-one or in batches.

How to move one document to a different cluster

  • Explorer
    On the Explorer, the "move to different category" functionality is available on both category/cluster view and document view. The difference is on category view move is possible one-by-one or from one source category, whereas on document view, you can select one or multiple documents to be moved regardless of their originally assigned category.
    Possible move-documents between categories scenarios are:
    • One document at a time on the Category view
    • Multiple documents at a time on the Category view
    • One or multiple documents on the Document view
  • Editor
    "Refine category responses" and "Rule-based editing" allow you to use features from drag-and-drop to bulk rule-based moves between categories.

For a delated explanation of the steps, please visit how to move documents between categories, Refine category responses and Rule-based editing