Share a dashboard

Relevance AI provides you with a variety of options for sharing insights with your peers:

  • An admin can invite people to a project while controlling their access type (i.e. read, write, admin)
  • An Admin can share a link to an already configured dashboard

Share a dashboard

On an Explorer dashboard, simply click on the share icon as shown in the image below. There are two options available:

  1. Generate a sharable link
    1. Chose the link should be visible to only members (i.e. signup required) or anyone with the link (i.e. no signup required; they can use the dashboard but cannot save their modifications)
    2. Click on "Copy Link" to generate and copy the link to the dashboard
  2. Invite someone to the dashboard using their email (this option needs a sign-up)
    1. type in the email
    2. assign the user permission type
    3. send invite
Relevance AI - Share the Explorer app

Relevance AI - Share the Explorer app

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