Share a dashboard FAQ

What can I do if my teammate doesn't have access to the dataset?

If you are an Admin person or have been given access to invite people to a project by the project admin, you can invite people and grant them access. Read our full guide on How to manage Users.

What level of dashboard/dataset permission can I give a user?

Admins have full control over who to invite to a project and what type of access should be granted to them. Viewers can only view data or dashboards whereas edit access allows users to modify data or dashboards. Read on full guide on permission types.

Who can delete a new user?

Admins or users who have been granted access to invite people to a project can modify users or their access type too.

To which datasets do new users have access?

When people are invited to a project, the inviter can specify the dataset or dashboard to which they are granting access.

What if I accidentally invited the wrong person?

As an admin or a person who can invite people, you can also modify the granted access.