Tag With Your Code Frames

Use your tags/code frame to label data

"Tag with your own code frames" is recommended when a preselected code frame (i.e. tag list) is ready. In other words when AI is not required to extract candidate tags from the dataset. This happens when the candidate tag list is required to be limited to a certain list. Or the knowledge of the user is vast to the point that they are aware of all the trends in the data.

Note: This workflow makes tagging quicker compared to Generate AI tags since it skips the initial extraction of tags from the data and directly starts with applying the code frame to the dataset.

Tag With Your Code Frames

Once you have uploaded your data, select your dataset and from the menu on the left-hand side, select "Tag With Your Code Frames" under workflows. If it is not shown on the menu, click on view all and find "Tag With Your Code Frames".

The setup wizard will be open where you

  • Specify which field to tag
  • Enter your list of tags. Note that you need to hit enter after typing each tag

  • Specify maximum number of tags per document
  • Specify the name of the field that is going to be added to your dataset to store the tagging result

And finally click on "Run on the Cloud" to execute the workflow. When the workflow is marked as "Completed" you can see the new field and the tagging results under Dataset.