What Are Vector Fields?

Vector fields are representations of data in another format (list of numbers or vectors to be precise). For instance, if your dataset includes a field/column named "description" which shows the description of items in the dataset in text format, after vectorizing each description value, you have access to the corresponding vectors. These vectors can be saved in the dataset under a vector field (i.e. Description_vector_ in the table below).

Muga large cup, typically cylindrical with a handle without a saucer[1.2, -0.23, -0.32, 0.321, ...]
Platea flat dish, typically circular from which food is eaten or served[-0.12, 0.223, 0.832, 1.451, ...]
Pota cylindrical container, typically of metal, used for cooking.[-0.162, -1.13, -0.752, -0.911, ...]